Enter for a chance to win our Brand Advocate Contest and receive a FREE home phototherapy device!

For details, check out the rules below. 

What is a Brand Advocate?

Webopedia.com defines a brand advocate as, “a person, or customer who talks favorably about a brand or product, and then passes on positive word-of-mouth (WOM) messages about the brand to other people.” Why does UVBioTek want to find a brand advocate? We are searching for a person with moderate to severe psoriasis who wants to test out a product that works. By posting about your device, tracking your success, and passing on the word about our products, UVBioTek will be able to reach people like you who are looking for a new treatment. In return for your help in spreading awareness, UVBioTek will give you a device to use free of charge, as long as your doctor will pass off on a prescription. The value of our at home light treatments retail at $399, but your help is priceless so your unit is, too! To check out how to enter the Brand Advocate Contest, check out the rules below! If chosen, you will be contacted by a member of UVBioTek’s Marketing Squad to chat about what is next! Thank you for your interest and good luck brand advocates!


Rules to Enter the Brand Advocate Contest:

1. Follow our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook Account (if you already follow us, you will be entered after also completing the following steps. Contestants who do not follow us must do so on one or all accounts in addition to completing the following steps. If you follow one account you will be entered once, two accounts equals two entries, and a follow on all three triples your chance to win).
2. Tag three friends who you think would like to see daily psoriasis/eczema/vitiligo/acne tips
3. Take a selfie showing off your skin with the hashtag #skincluded

✨BONUS: Contestants who DM us their email will receive a free psoriasis tips info packet and will be entered into the contest AGAIN totaling a chance to enter 4 times if you follow all three accounts.✨ ***For legal rules and regulations of the contest, please see the text below. GOOD LUCK?


Brand Advocate Contest Legalities:

***Once a winner is selected, proof of prescription from your primary care doctor or dermatologist must be submitted. UVBioTek’s customer care team will walk you through the 3 required forms to get legally approved for the medical device. Once the paperwork is filed and our team has a prescription in hand, the device is yours!