Common Questions

Are Prescription Drugs more Effective than Phototherapy?

NB UVB Phototherapy has consistently proven to be a safer and more effective way to treat psoriasis, eczema and vitligo than prescription alternatives.  Phototherapy carries fewer risks and side effects than leading drugs and can be done at the doctors office or in the convenience of your own home.

NB UVB Phototherapy does NOT increase the  risk of skin cancer or any other cancers.

Doesn’t Phototherapy Increase My Risk of Skin Cancer?
No.  Phototherapy used as prescribed by a dermatologist carries NO elevated risk for skin cancer or any other cancers.  NB-UVB phototherapy is completely safe, natural and effective.
Do I Need a Prescription for Phototherapy?

Yes, for patients, a valid prescription from a doctor is required to purchase a home phototherapy system.  A UVBioTek specific prescription form is requested over a generic physician office prescription…

Home Phototherapy systems are an FDA regulated “Class II Medical Device” a physicians written order is required, along with a UVBioTek “Suggested Treatment Plan”.

Finally, the patient must sign and provide a “Health Privacy Policy” form prior to discussing details regarding home phototherapy systems, price quotations or sales.

Why Should I Get a Home Phototherapy System?

It Makes Sense Medically

Home Phototherapy is a clinically proven, dermatologist-recommended method for safely and effectively treating Psoriasis, Eczema and Vitiligo.

It Makes Sense Emotionally

Skin conditions can take a difficult emotional toll on sufferers. Home phototherapy puts the power of treatment in your hands, allowing you to forego the often long drive to your doctor’s office multiple times a week and conduct your treatment in your home, on your schedule.

It makes Sense Financially

A UVBioTek home phototherapy system is a one-time fixed cost that is often covered by your health insurance plan. The affordability of our units means that you don’t need to waste money driving back and forth to the clinic, paying over and over again for alternative treatments. Save money, save time, and put your treatment back in your control.

We Offer Unrivaled Support

Our experienced, professional team will assist you from start to finish, helping you choose the unit that’s right for you, contacting your doctor to help get you a prescription, dealing with your insurance provider to help get you coverage, and providing customer support if you have any issues with your unit.

Is Home Phototherapy as Expensive as Biologicals?

Not at all!

Home phototherapy is a one-time, upfront cost that your health insurance provider will often assist with. 

Biologics require monthly injections or oral doseages which a patient is required to buy every month for the rest of their lives, adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime. 

Home phototherapy is a safer and cheaper alternative, placing in your hands a safe, long-lasting device that will be with for the long haul.

Can I get a Home System Without Making my Room Look Like a Doctor’s Office?
Absolutely! Just make sure your doctor prescribes UVBioTek™. All of our units either fold flat to the wall when not in use, or have door panels that cover and conceal the lamps from view. They look more like a cabinet or a closet than a medical device.
What’s the Difference Between a Single-Panel and Full-Body Systems; Which Should I Get?
With a single panel system, you have to treat the front and back side of the body separately. Full-body systems treat the entire body at one time. They are both just as effective, it simply takes longer using a single panel. Since single panel systems are less expensive, insurance will often try to drive patients toward single panel light systems in order to save money. Full-body systems will almost always provide more consistent and quicker treatments than single panels.
Why Should I Buy a UVBioTek Home System?

Phototherapy performed in the comfort of your own home eliminates the time and travel required to visit a clinic 2-3 times per week!  As well any additional costs associated with phototherapy such as insurance Co-Pays.

UVBioTek offer the most “Hygienic” system on the market today.  Acrylic “Safey Shields” protects the patient from touching the lamps, as well as keeping debris (hair, dust, dander) from accumulating in the system.  Space saving designs and 5 year warranties (2 for the lamps), make a UVBioTek Home Phototherapy system the “Clear Choice in Skin Treatments”!