POLY is a breakthrough in LED therapy from our subsidiary, MedTek LED.  POLY offers powerful red-and-blue light modalities for the treatment of mild-to-moderate acne.


Excellence in Phototherapy

Our one-of-a-kind product line is engineered for the modern office.  Short on space, high on demand for powerful and effective treatment modalities for your patients.  Let us show you why leading dermatologists and clinics across the world have put their trust in UVBioTek.

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So What Sets UVBioTek Above The Rest?

All About the Angles

For every inch between the body and the lamps, there isa significant decrease in UV light effectiveness. In fact, light meter testing shows a decrease in UVB output of 50% or more after just six to seven inches of travel. A dramatic 70% drop occurs at just ten inches away.

That’s why UVBioTek plays the angles.  The diamond shape of our full body system and our four articulating panel design allows for maximum adaptation to a patient’s body, ensuring they have close and uniform exposure to the UV lamps. 

Superior Protection

Every UVBioTek clinical phototherapy system comes with a number of innovations geared towards patient safety and system durability.

Our acrylic shielding are fit over every panel, allowing maximum UVB ray penetrating while preventing and contact between patient skin and the UVB lamps.

Our heavy duty steel chassis is made in America, and made to last, guaranteeing exceptional durability and longevity.


Unmatched Customer Care

We pride ourselves on having generous and helpful staff, and for good reason: we’re always getting calls about how helpful our sales and customer service representatives are to first time and repeat customers.

Also, we are so confident in our product, the UVBioTek™ assurance is the best in the industry! It includes a 5-year parts and labor warranty (2 years on lamps).

UVBioTek™ is dedicated to partnering with professionals who are committed to providing their patients with the safest, most effective treatment available. For more information on how a UVBioTek™ phototherapy system can help you, please call us at 1-800-882-4683.


More Clinical System Features

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