Clinical FAQ

What Makes UVBioTek's Systems Special?

UVBioTek’s one-of-a-kind phototherapy systems offer several novel features that dermatologists around the world agree make them the best on the market. 

Folding Design Our systems allow clinicians to save floor space while still being able to provide a full body, wrap-around treatment. Our UVB Phototherapy systems are able to fold directly against the wall and only take 8″ of depth. Our systems also come in a variety of aesthetically pleasing natural wood tones so that they can integrate seamlessly in any environment.

Acrylic Shielding The lamps in our system are protected behind a sleek acrylic shield that not only improves their lifespan, but provides superior protection to your patients to avoid problematic burns and discomfort. The shielding does not block any of the UVB light.

How Do I Start Using Phototherapy In My Office?

Starting phototherapy treatments in your clinic is very easy. Once you receive your unit, you simply have to mount it and plug it into the wall (some units will have to be hard wired in). Once your unit is set up in your space as desired, you simply call in to activate the system and you are ready to begin providing treatments.

UVB treatments do need to be attended by someone on staff. However, treatment times are extremely economical and sometimes may last less than half a minute.

IS UVB Safe?

Yes. UVB treatments are the safest way to manage skin disorders such as Psoriasis, Eczema, and Vitiligo. Not only do patients avoid serious side effects, there are also no contraindications, meaning that your patients won’t fall behind due to lifestyle changes.

As long as UVB treatments are done as perscribed, there are no known complications from treatment. Please use caution, however, and always be sure to wear goggles during treatment and never overexpose clients with excessive treatment times as burning may result.

How Long Are Treatment Times?

While we are not allowed to diagnose or prescribe, we do have a variety of materials and resources to help give you a better idea as to what sort of treatment times your clients can expect. 

Treatment times vary based on condition, severity, and skin type. Most UVB treatments are very quick and fall somewhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

Please refer to our Clinical Packet for more information on treatment times.

What Conditions Does UVB Phototherapy Treat?

UVB Phototherapy is clinically proven to treat a variety of chronic skin conditions. Most clinical research and current usage is centered around managing Psoriasis, Vitiligo, and Eczema.

Please refer to our Clinical Studies page for more resources and information on the varying modalities for UVB Phototherapy.

IS UVB Phototherapy Reimbursable?

Yes. Based on the condition you are treating and the way in which you are treating it, you may have to bill differently. Our clinical packet lists several relevant codes, however, the most commonly used codes for reimbursement are listed here below:

CPT Code:

NB-UVB Phototherapy – 96910

Diagnosis Codes:

Vitiligo – L80
Psoriasis – L40.9
Eczema – L30.9