Clinical Phototherapy Systems

Full Body Clinical System


The world’s premiere full body system.  Your choice of 16, 24, 32 or 40 Phillips narrow-band lamps.  Acryllic shields.  Laminate panels.  And our patented four-panel, collapsible design makes this the slimmest phototherapy system on the market.

Hand Wand

The ultimate in UVB portability.  Useful in the clinic or for for patients in their own homes, the Hand Wand is ideal for spot treatments, including difficult regions like the scalp, hands and feet.

The Mobile-Lite

An elite hands and feet system for your practice for specialty spot treatments.  The Mobile-Lite can be purchased in pairings of two with accompanying cart, as seen here, or individually for a tabletop or on-the-go appplications.

Wood’s Lamp

Our new Wood’s Lamp features superior functionality.  Alternating UVA and white-light sources.  Multiple settings.  And a smart-phone compatible bracket to enable easy photography.

And Introducing:

LED is fast becoming the can’t-miss modality in skin treatment.  POLY is a combination red and blue light therapy system that puts the photodynamic therapy model to shame.  No added chemicals, no need for replacement parts.  With a 5-Panel Flex head that contours naturally to the shape of the face