Here’s what the professionals are saying about UVBiotek.

I am your old customer, a dermatologist practising in Hong Kong. I have been using Mobile Lite to treat hand and foot dermatoses since 2011. The unit is compact, it fits offices of limited space in this densely populated city where the rental is very expensive.

Last week, I attempted to start the unit to treat a patient with severe foot dermatitis. Unfortunately, the Timer (the Control)  “blacked out” and the unit body did not emit any light. I initially thought the timer was out of order or that something went wrong with the unit body. I then e-mailed to your company and was able to get contact Miss Donna Cronin for consultation. We had several e-mail communications. Miss Cronin suggested  checking the timer first. She sent me the unit Catalogue. However, she still worried that I might not understand the steps to test and reset the timer. She told me that I might phone her when testing the unit.  But there was a practical problem: a time difference of 13 hours between NY and HK.  I will be at home during your company’s office hours. On the other hand, when I am in the clinic, Miss Cronin might not be at work!  Miss Cronin was so kind that she gave me a cell phone number for verbal communication for this purpose.

I am glad that with the assistance of the unit catalogue and Miss Cronin’s e-mailed input, I was able to reset the timer which is then connected to the unit.

I find that the unit is very robust. It has been working well through the past 8 years. I  remember that I first talked with Miss Darrel Earl in 2010/2011 for procurement of the unit. Few years later, it was Miss Cronin who handled the delivery of a new set of UV lamps to me.  On this occasion, it is she again who helped me to solve the problem with the timer. 

I am lucky that I had very good service from Miss Earl before and now wonderful service from Miss Cronin. Miss Cronin has very good technical knowledge on the phototherapy units and was very proficient in handling and solving my problem. She is very kind and courteous too! To-day, I resumed the phototherapy service to my patient, and the unit is now working well. It is great that Miss Cronin is with the company. She provides excellent service to clients from regions worldwide.  

I would therefore, express my sincere appreciation to your company and Miss Cronin for her great service.

Dr. William YM Tang